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Lean Body Academy Results*”I got involved with LBA towards the end of February and I am happy to say that it has been such a blessing in my life. I get to experience this with not only my parents but my aunt! I have learned so much and still have a lot of knowledge still to be gained, but I am happy to share my positive experience. I have gained energy, knowledge and a sense of stability with this new lifestyle. In the process, I have felt healthier than ever and have even lost 45 pounds! I began this journey at my heaviest, 245 and now I am 200 lbs! Almost to wonderland! Overall, I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel every day. So thankful for all the support in this group and from Dr. George. Keep up the good work everyone!!” Chris L.

Steven G Testimonial

*”The ease of use of the program in my life along with Dr. George’s insights and with the uncanny ability to communicate solutions in plain language is just what the doctor ordered. I recommend Dr. George and the Lean Body Program with complete confidence.”

– Steven G.

Laura P Testimonial

*”I am so thankful for Dr. George’s Lean Body Academy. I am starting to feel more energy. I am starting to feel like myself again. Christmas is at the end of next month. Instead of being nervous about my symptoms, I am excited to be healthy with my family.”

– Laura P.

Joanne P Testimonial

*”I’m down 12 pounds and 4% body fat and all without a focus on going to the gym.”

– Joanne P.



A1C went from an 8.4 to a 6.1

Thom Testimonial

*“Well, I was so nervous going to my doctor for my 3 months check up today. seriously thought it wasn’t going to go well, with his opening comment. He asked me how I was, I said great and he said, that’s your opinion (pretty rude, I know)! Well, fast forward to my results……

My A1C went from an 8.4 to a 6.1!!!!! I lost 24 pounds and my blood pressure dropped! I told him to take back his rude comment and he did. I showed him the book, and of course, he wasn’t totally on board BUT wanted a copy of the cover to give to other patients. I will continue with LBA because it works for me. I am so grateful and thankful to Dr. George for all your knowledge and support!”

Thom P.

Judy J Testimonial

*”Dr K, I would like to thank you for all the knowledge you are willing to share to make this journey a success. I started my journey on 8/04/15 and am glad to say I am 9 lbs from reaching the 100 lbs released mark and not stopping there. I came across your periscope back in June and have learned principles to release lbs that really is a no brainer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Got your book and it has very helpful information. Thx!”

Rudy J

Christoper Testimonial

*”My journey started on April 13, 2016 Weight 194 lbs. Body Fat 25.4% / Today (June 8, 2016) Weight 176.8 lbs. Body Fat 19.6%. I Lost 17.2 lbs. and 5.8% body fat. So grateful. :)”

Lucretia Testimonial

Lucretia Testimonial

Lucretia Testimonial

*”I’m down 32 Lbs. and lost 9.5% body fat. I went from a size 12 to a size 6. I’m not done but still, have more I want to do.”




Daniel Testimonial

*”Following the Lean Body Academy principles and adding the recommendations from Dr. G in just two months I went from 178 Lbs. gaining 6 lbs to 184 Lbs. More importantly, I went from 16% body fat to 11%. Adding muscle and dropping fat wow… Thanks Doc


Mary Testimonial

*”252 when I started in October. I am 190 now. 62 pounds. I went from 28 pants to a size 16. I have a ways to go but I lose a bit every week. Tears of joy as I see myself changing. A picture that should have brought me great joy, a new ggrandbaby always brought me shame because it showed how incredibly fat I had become. Here I am, after my new life eating healthy, starting Oct 2, 2015, probably 65 pounds less with another 30 to go.”

Mary G.

Mary Testimonial

*”NONE of this would be possible without you. NONE. I tried and tried and tried…. YOU, Dr. George Kosmides, made this possible for a 65-year-old grandma/great grandma who had given up and resigned herself to dying FAT and unhealthy. Thank you! Dr. George.”

Mary W.





Erica Testimonial

*”After being in fitness for years I found Dr. George’s Lean Body Academy. I was able to get my body fat down from 12% down to 7% while working out less and able to go from local to national level, competing with women half my age. thanks, Doc.”

Erica S.

Galan Testimonial

*“My pants have been feeling better around my waist but I didn’t realize the difference. I felt like I was at a stand still. But it’s very true when Doctor George says let the eyes be your truth. I’m seeing vast improvements all the time!”

LBA Member since June 2016 Galan

John Testimonial

*About 4 months in the LBA… I’ve been able to do away with all my meds for blood pressure and triglycerides (was taking 4) Additionally, I thought I’d try a rate review with my life insurance policy. After new labs and check-up, my insurance premium was lowered by $7/mo. Hey, that’s about $100 saving/year. Thanks Doc.

John H

Tom Testimonial




Charmaine S.Mary T.Tracy L.

Charmaine S Testimonial *”The easy to understand videos and coaching calls that I have access to all the time is so wonderful, this ability alone provides more value than the cost of the entire program. I’ve lost weight and feel better overall. I believe I won’t need the blood pressure meds if I continue to improve. All of this by doing the simple things in the program.”

Charmaine S.

Mary T Testimonial *”If your health is struggling I’d encourage anyone who is heavy or “fat” and thinks they have “done it all”, this is for you… Look into Dr. Kosmides program, by applying the simple tips and all of the support, I am getting my “body back” and it’s helping our whole family, hooray!”

Mary T.

Tracy Testimonial

*”My Lupus is much better. Dr. George Kosmides program and support has taught me quite a bit about nutrition which has helped me understand how to take care of myself better. I recommend Dr. George and the Lean Body Academy program to all my friends.”

Tracy L.
VP Marketing

Ignato HTom D.Jerry P.

Ignato Testimonial

*”My blood sugar was over 800 at it’s highest, the program and information have helped me to get it down to the near normal range in a few weeks. The program works.”

Ignato H.
Office worker

Tom Testimonial

*”I honestly feel that I’ve turned an important corner, I’ve had painful arthritic condition since my late teens known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. I honestly feel that I’ve turned an important corner and can now live a pain-free life after years of struggling with inflammation and stiffness. Thumbs up to Dr. Kosmides and his program.”

Tom D.





Jerry Testimonial

*I was able to move more freely as my Blood sugar improved and my knees and back were a mess — bad arthritis that’s worse when it rains. Dr. Kosmides LBA program has helped me fix my problems all thru the online program. Thank you.”

Jerry P.

Charmaine K.Zelda F.Lucretia B.

*”The easy to watch videos and coaching calls that I have access to all the time is so wonderful and doable and all simple to understand.”

– Charmaine K.

Kim Testimonial

*”Dr. Kosmides program has changed my life, I have lost weight and my doctor reduced my cholesterol meds. This has changed my life.”

– Zelda F.

Lucretia Testimonial

*”I Lost over 21 pounds and 4.5% Body Fat in less than 12 weeks and I had to exchange my size 8 for a size 6!”

– Lucretia B.

KaitlynLindy L.Laura P.

Kaitlyn Testimonial

*”This plan is so easy and the cravings are rare! These were a great extra motivator for me! Here’s to the last 50 i need to lose!”

– Kaitlyn

Lindy Testimonial

*”I know I can reverse the type 2 diabetes and a host of other health problems.I can’t believe I lost 20 pounds in less than 10 weeks!”

– Lindy L.

Laura Testimonial

*”I am amazed at the knowledge that he has. I am embarrassed how long it took me to see him. He has changed my life. Dr. George is thorough and will work with you until you are healed. He is committed.”

– Laura P.

Kelly C.Steven G.Amy R.

Kelly Testimonial

*”Being on the program with Dr. Kosmides has helped me become more mindful. Now, I eat better, feel better ­even though I am older. He is a good man – truly cares about you and your health. He knows his stuff. I wish there were 10 stars here ­ he would earn them!”

– Kelly C.,
Change Law Office

Steven Testimonial

*”The ease of implementation of the program and Dr. George’s insights with the uncanny ability to communicate solutions in plain language is just what the doctor ordered. I recommend Dr. George and the Lean body program with complete confidence.”

– Steven G.,
Founder, High-Performance Coaching

Amy Testimonial

*”I have happily been a participant of George Kosmides Lean body Academy program and am down 48 lbs. I have never found a program in the last 30 years to be so comprehensive. Thank you doc for everything. 15 weeks and counting for me.”

-Amy R.,
Domestic Goddess


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