Lean Body Academy Program

Lean Body Academy Program

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Lean Body Academy Member Testimonials

Daniel Testimonial

*”Following the Lean Body Academy principles and adding the recommendations from Dr. G in just two months I went from 178 Lbs. gaining 6 lbs to 184 Lbs. More importantly, I went from 16% body fat to 11%. Adding muscle and dropping fat wow… Thanks Doc
– Daniel

Mary Testimonial

*”NONE of this would be possible without you. NONE. I tried and tried and tried…. YOU, Dr. George Kosmides, made this possible for a 65-year-old grandma/great grandma who had given up and resigned herself to dying FAT and unhealthy. Thank you! Dr. George.”
– Mary W.

Christoper Testimonial

*”My journey started on April 13, 2016 Weight 194 lbs. Body Fat 25.4% / Today (June 8, 2016) Weight 176.8 lbs. Body Fat 19.6%. I Lost 17.2 lbs. and 5.8% body fat. So grateful. :)”
– Christopher

Rudy Testimonial

*”Heaviest weight 469 lbs, current weight 282. I am thankful to God, family and friends for all the love and support. Thx!”
– Rudy

Chris Testimonial

*”Happy One Year Anniversary to me!! So thankful to have found Dr. George Kosmides and joining the LBA!! 40 lbs gone, 3% BF gone!! Improved Labs!! Down 3 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes. Feeling Fabulous!! LBA all the way!! TAKE YOUR PICTURES”!!”
– Chris

Lucricia Testimonial

*”This is approximately 42.lbs and 13% body fat lost! Have a great day and don’t give up on yourself!!! Loves and hugs!!!!”
– Lucrecia



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  • 365 day Direct access to Dr. Kosmides community membership site
  • Exclusive step-by-step training videos, audios and readable material to make faster progress
  • Growing library of easy to use program materials
  • Live video coaching calls and webinars to help you get unstuck and stay on track
  • Get answers to your questions from Dr. George and other community members
  • Access to all Dr. George’s current and future training programs and products
  • Invaluable repository of videos, audios and readable printable exclusive content

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