Facts About Chiropractic Care You Might Not Know

The Facts

Kosmides Family Chiropractic The World Wide Web has its ups and downs as a accurate information source, and it can be confusing and difficult trying to find out what is true or false. you can trust Kosmides Family Chiropractic! 

Be honest, how many times have you read something on the Internet and had to question its validity? People can post just about anything these days and label it as a #fact. Well, this isn’t always a huge issue, unless it is concerning your health and health care. Don’t let false messages pollute your health care decisions. There can be a lot of misinformation out there regarding chiropractic care, but don’t let it sway you! Here are some facts worth noting, and worthy of that hashtag.

  1. Getting ready for tax season? Well probably not right now, but here is a good fact to remember: the IRS considers chiropractic care visits as a “valid medical deduction.” Probably because chiropractic care is insanely useful for patients, and prevents larger medical bills down the road!
  2. Every single state in the United States of America has licensed Doctors of Chiropractic. Chiropractic care is everywhere, and places are popping up where you don’t even need an appointment, you can simply show up and get the chiropractic adjustment you need for overall spine health maintenance.
  3. Did you know that at least (if not more) than 50 percent of the American work force admits to back pain each year? You are definitely not alone with that lower back pain caused by your poorly designed office chair!
  4. You don’t need medical insurance to visit Kosmides Family Chiropractic to receive quality chiropractic care.  No more waiting in long lines and spending a fortune on a co-payment.
  5. Congress is on the chiropractic bandwagon and it might be one of the few things they can agree about these days! The United States Congress went ahead and authorized that “certain chiropractic services”.
  6. In fact, Congress likes chiropractic care so much that it is included in all Federal employee health care plans. That’s a sweet deal!
  7. Here is some startling news; back pain is the fifth most common reason for physician visits. That is an extremely high number of doctor’s visits for an alignment that can be treated with cost effective chiropractic care! Visiting your trusted chiropractor every so often is much less expensive than waiting for your back to deteriorate to a point where you need a very expensive doctor’s visit.

Always consult your chiropractor and/or primary care physician for all your health related advice. Meet Dr. George

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