About Dr. George

About Dr. George

Dr. George Kosmides, DC


A practicing (DC) and a continuing education instructor in California and virtually in several states and extremely successful on-line programs, Lean Body Academy and Life Without Diabetes.

Dr. George is an author, the latest book and program Life Without Diabetes is available at Walmart, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


  • 2002 – Spinal Biomechanics Spinal Trauma
  • 2003 – Nutritional Perspectives on Neurological Disorders
  • 2004 – Digestive Function and Nutrition
  • 2004 – Understanding the chronic disease self-management approach
  • 2005 – Adrenal Function and Stress, The ability to adapt to change in the external and internal environments
  • 2005 – Metabolic Syndrome The study of a complex hormonal and metabolic responses
  • 2009 – AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Clinically coordinating spinal pathology with neurological and functional sequelae including station & gait
  • 2010 – Manipulation Under Anesthesia CMUA, Certification in Manipulation Under Anesthesia (California), New York College of Chiropractic
  • Qualified Medical Examiner (qualified)
  • Skeletal Radiographic Expert status Arthritic Disorders of the Spine
  • 2011 – Life Without Diabetes Program presenter
  • 2012 – Leaky Gut Syndrome and its mechanisms
  • 2013 – Hip Joint Dysfunction and Trauma
  • 2014 – Shoulder injuries and Resolutions
  • 2015 – Lean Body Academy founder
  • 2016 – Life Without Diabetes founder
  • 2017 – Continuing Education Instructor

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